Who is Mark Scharfe?

Scharfe has dedicated the majority of his career to his community and public safety. Having spent over 20 years serving the Ottawa Police, his experience has earned him a reputation of an honest, hard-working man. Scharfes' Canadian roots date back over 150 years. His Great-Grandfather was born in Canada in 1848. The Scharfes have farmed the same land since 1921. Today, he has a small herd of beef cattle that he tends.


My Grandma's sister, Marguerite Geymonat, was married to Gustave Bieler.  He was born in France, however, immigrated to Montreal before the second world war. They had two children. When war broke out, he joined, and was recruited by Churchill and the French Resistance in the efforts to "SET EUROPE ABLAZE". Because he was born in France, he fit right in, and was very hard to catch.  At the end of the war, he was eventually captured, and sent to the Flossenburg Concentration Camp. He was tortured.  He did not give anything up. He was executed by German Firing Squad on the 5 Sept, 1944. The children had to raise themselves.  The cost of Democracy has been paid at a horrendous price by many people. Democracy does not run itself. It needs good people, with good character, leadership skills , and a strong back. If elected, I will do the job for One dollar a year. I do not need a job.

- Mark Scharfe

                                                                                                          Gustave Bieler