A Strong Rural Voice

Cumberland Ward Candidate: 2020

Mark Scharfe began his career with the Ottawa Police in 1981. His Great-Grandfather was born in Canada in 1848. Scharfe's family has been farming the same land for over 100 years.


Statement by Mark Scharfe

Every Canadian has RIGHTS under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  People around the world would pay anything to be in your position now, to vote for a person that will govern their municipal council the way they chose!

A horrendous price was paid for this privilege by thousands of people and families.  It is a good thing to remember the cost people paid for this right.  Our military, the farmers that fed the armies, and the good folks that stayed home to keep the "fires burning".

I do not live in Cumberland Ward......I run a small beef farm on Ramsayville Road, just west of Anderson Road.  I cannot vote for myself, but I am running for following reason:

I joined the Ottawa Police force in 1981, one year before  the Charter of Rights was signed-by Pierre Trudeau- in 1982...

The Politicians make the rules and levy the taxes,  however it is the Police that are the "gear box" that makes the democracy machine work. The police protect life, property, and ensure that everyone has the PROTECTION of thier rights.

Section 6 of the Charter  ensures that every man has the "right" to gain a livehood in Canada, in any province.

I do not agree that the Mayor and this council had the right to enact the "power of the State" to enact bylaws to fine businesses $700 for making a living, providing goods and services that people require, and that they will pay for.  I do not believe that they had the right to force businesses to shut their doors, and force them into receiver ship, bankruptcy, and/or destitution.

There have been  businesses that have been forced to close after 40 years in business.  This is not right, and I will fight to make this council accountable for their actions!


Key Dates

  • Voting Day
    Oct. 05, 2020, 10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
    Cumberland, Cumberland, Ottawa, ON, Canada
    Electors will have until 4:30 pm to mail or deliver their completed special mail-in ballots to the Elections Office.
  • Election Sign
    Sep. 05, 2020, 10:00 a.m.
    Cumberland, Cumberland, Ottawa, ON, Canada
    First day an election sign can be placed on public property